Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been around these parts lately.

If I’m being real, it’s been hard coming to a decision on what to do about this blog. With Instagram and all of the newest forms of social media, it just became too much to keep up on and I wasn’t sure blogging was relevant anymore.

However, I enjoyed blogging. I enjoyed the connections it gave me, being able to be a bit more personal, and not worrying about hashtags!

So, I guess I am back. There is a lot to update on, lots of news to share both personally and with the business.

What direction is the blog going to take? I don’t know. I hope anyone who reads this is willing to maybe let it take us organically where it needs to go. I have a drive to share more about my business behind the scenes and maybe put out some information that might help others with their businesses. I also enjoy sharing about my personal life, this is a website for my business but I am just as much a part of this business as this business is part of me. Knowing about my personal life, might help others to understand why I’ve taken the business into directions I’ve taken it. Lastly, I love this as a place to showcase some of the work we’ve done. I’m proud of the amazing collaborations we’ve been a part of and new ideas we’ve come up with.

I hope some of you are interested, and maybe even a little excited, on where this and my business are going! Lots of stuff is going on that I’m so excited to share with everyone! Including the newest addition to our Delovely Details family, our daughter!


Nicole & Drew

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