Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot

We’ve recently added some new products to our shop lately! One of my favorite items is our name sign!

A lot of people asked why Drew and I picked the name Evelyn for our daughter. It goes back a long time actually! The first real date Drew and I went on was to see Pearl Harbor in the movie theaters. That’s back in 2001 people!

Whenever that movie is on TV, we always stop to watch it. One day (more than a few years back) we realized we loved the main character’s name, Evelyn. Not really sure why, but we just liked it. If you look back at some of our hanger examples, I often use the name Evelyn on them.

Fast forward a few years and my dad was sick in the hospital. We knew he wasn’t going to make it and so we had some tough decisions. I don’t know what came over me, but I told him, since I knew he would never see it, that one day I would have a little girl and I would name her Evelyn.

The day we were going to find out the sex of our baby, I told Drew that if it was a girl, it would be my dad in heaven making sure I kept my promise to him. Drew had been convinced it was a girl since I told him I was pregnant. Sure enough, it was a girl!

We were able to work with the amazing For Love & Light Photography to capture our announcement picture and they turned out epic! I hand wrote Evelyn’s name and we cut it as a large sign to hold, announcing our little girl’s name!

Since then, we’ve received so many inquires for these signs, and we now have a listing to purchase one. We’ve seen them used in stores, nurseries, props for photo shoots, weddings, and more! It’s been so fun to see how others are using them.

If you want to order a name sign, feel free to check out our shop here!

Sign: Delovely Details

Photography: For Love & Light Photography

Nikki’s Skirt & Top: Morning Lavender

Drew’s Shirt: The Grunion Run

Floral Crown: The Boom of Time


Nicole & Drew

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