Being a mother was never something I felt like I needed, to feel “fulfilled” in my life. I didn’t desire it like most women my age do, but I never said I would never have kids.

When I found out I was pregnant, so many emotions came over me. I was so excited, because I love a good adventure. I was so nervous, I didn’t know how I was going to balance work and being a mom. I was also scared, was I even cut out to be a good mom?

I’ve learned that I was cut out exactly to be Evelyn’s mommy. I don’t know if I could be a good mom to ANY kid, but I will always work my hardest to be the best mom to Evelyn. Balance is something I’m still struggling with. Before Evelyn was here, my business was my baby. Let’s be honest, they both pretty much require the exact same thing; blood, sweat, tears and time. Lots of time. However, Evelyn has made it easier to see how life should be prioritized. Lastly, Evelyn has by far been the best adventure ever. My husband and I love to travel, try new things, and challenge ourselves. Evelyn has definitely hit all those marks, plus some. It’s brought our marriage to a whole new level of partnership and gratitude towards one another.

I’m not here to claim that motherhood has been nothing but rainbows and unicorn poops. To be honest, those moments can be few and far between occasionally. We’ve dealt with sleep deprivation at an unheard of level, acid reflux did a number on us, and there is the occasional diaper explosion that happens can bring one to tears or laughter (or both at the same time).

But life has never looked so sweet and promising. Evelyn has made the simplistic parts of life blissful and exciting again.

Never have I ever spent 2 hours watching someone else look at a bright light and felt complete content in that. Motherhood is actually…kind of amazing.

Having the baby around has inspired some new products! This is our newest name cutout round sign. Love the use of the negative space to spell out the name! Order one here, they make great gifts for baby showers!

Pregnancy Announcement Photo Shoot

We’ve recently added some new products to our shop lately! One of my favorite items is our name sign!

A lot of people asked why Drew and I picked the name Evelyn for our daughter. It goes back a long time actually! The first real date Drew and I went on was to see Pearl Harbor in the movie theaters. That’s back in 2001 people!

Whenever that movie is on TV, we always stop to watch it. One day (more than a few years back) we realized we loved the main character’s name, Evelyn. Not really sure why, but we just liked it. If you look back at some of our hanger examples, I often use the name Evelyn on them.

Fast forward a few years and my dad was sick in the hospital. We knew he wasn’t going to make it and so we had some tough decisions. I don’t know what came over me, but I told him, since I knew he would never see it, that one day I would have a little girl and I would name her Evelyn.

The day we were going to find out the sex of our baby, I told Drew that if it was a girl, it would be my dad in heaven making sure I kept my promise to him. Drew had been convinced it was a girl since I told him I was pregnant. Sure enough, it was a girl!

We were able to work with the amazing For Love & Light Photography to capture our announcement picture and they turned out epic! I hand wrote Evelyn’s name and we cut it as a large sign to hold, announcing our little girl’s name!

Since then, we’ve received so many inquires for these signs, and we now have a listing to purchase one. We’ve seen them used in stores, nurseries, props for photo shoots, weddings, and more! It’s been so fun to see how others are using them.

If you want to order a name sign, feel free to check out our shop here!

Sign: Delovely Details

Photography: For Love & Light Photography

Nikki’s Skirt & Top: Morning Lavender

Drew’s Shirt: The Grunion Run

Floral Crown: The Boom of Time


Nicole & Drew

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Party

A lot of brides order our hangers as a way to ask their friends to be in their wedding party. Some girls even choose to host a small luncheon for their girls, making it extra special. Paper and Cake offers an adorable printable party that will take your special request to the next level.

After a girl says “yes!” to her fiancé, it is time for her to ask her girls to be a part of her special day. It is time for her to ask them to “ride shotgun with her!”
And that was the theme of our party.

I was thrilled when Abigail of Paper and Cake asked me to be a part of this shoot, especially because I love the idea of making you best friends feel special. Abigail pays close attention to all the details that really make a big impact when it comes to hosting a party.

Mix-match chic chairs from Found Rentals around a vintage door used as a table were just a few of the small touches on this picnic. Baby’s breath paired with paper flowers and arranged in tin cans, are simple but elegant. The girls sit down for the gourmet lunch in their own individual boxes and mason jar glasses from TomKat Studio. Each girl is presented with one of our hangers to hang her dress on for the big day as well as a pickup truck key chain as a momento. All of the small details that really tie the whole party together are from Paper and Cake. Her eye for detail is what makes her parties a cut above the rest.


No party would be complete without a delicious dessert table. Abigail didn’t let us down there. Meringue Bake Shop provided the scrumptious ombre cupcakes; Dolly’s Cotton Candy was also on display, and the topper of the whole party, the edible cake topper by Edible Details.

It was a privilege to be able to be apart of such an amazing group of vendors. I had a blast working with them and I’m proud of the work we all accomplished.

Featured Vendor Credits:
Styling and Printable Party Set: Paper & Cake
Photography: Missy Marie Photography
Hangers & Key chains: Delovely Details
Truck Fondant Topper: Edible Details
Mason Jar Lids, Stripey Straws, Gable Boxes, Gold Twine: TomKat Studio
Cupcakes: Meringue Bakeshop
Cotton Candy: Dolly’s Cotton Candy

Honorable Mention Contributors:
Cake stands: Sweets Indeed
Chairs: Found Vintage Rentals
Popcorn Ladder: Magnolia and Willow Antiques
Tablecloth: Tablevogue