aboutMy husband, Drew, and I are known to friends and family as the “eternal newlyweds”. I take great pride in our strong marriage and when my two best friends got engaged to my husband’s two best friends, we were both honored to be a part of their big days. Their weddings, only a few months apart, included many parties and events. It was tough to financially balance all the fun events, but still find meaningful gifts for our closest friends. So I got my creative juices flowing, and made them personalized hangers and boxes. They loved them and friends and families insisted that I sell them. Thinking I had no chance of turning this hobby of mine into anything more than a hobby, I started my shop, only to be amazed. Not only was I successful, but I have finally found my calling. I love the industry I am working in, I love the people I work with. I have met some of the most amazing people through this business I have built. Getting an email from a bride who is thrilled with her order is priceless to me. It has brought my husband and me closer together, it has given me courage and strength, and it has made our lives fuller. We have been blessed and we are grateful for it. We show our gratitude by only giving our clients the best service and products. I am proud of everything we’ve done and I continue to be amazed at all this business is capable of.

Dream big friends, I’m proof it pays off.